Girls on Fire by Robin Wasserman ★★★★

Read 1/14/20 – 1/15/20

I started reading this fresh away from Robin, which I did not want to end (his life or the story ☹). I was thrilled when I quickly became engrossed by the narrative of these girls. The novel is a very slow build because for much of it, it isn’t clear where it is going. However, I don’t think a lack of predictability is necessarily a bad thing. In fact, I think the fact that the story worked so well without giving it away along the way is a fantastic feat.

The story begins following two main girls. A good girl and a bad one (for all intents and purposes). I found the characterization to be more complex than that, but it is a good surmise of how it appears to start. The bad girl begins to have a large influence on the girl until something happens that causes things to change. What unfolds is a complex web of teenage drama that was surprisingly entertaining. It was dark, twisted, and a pleasure to follow.

I loved how wild things got in what was a shockingly short amount of time. By the end, it builds to a dramatic and fairly satisfying conclusion. I definitely recommend this book. 4/5 stars.

Rating Break Down
Writing Style (7%): 8/10
Plot (15%): 8/10
Characters (15%): 10/10
Ending (1%): 7/10
Engagement (5%): 10/10
Enjoyment (25%): 9/10
Comprehension (20%): 9/10
Pacing (2%): 8/10
Desire to Reread (5%): 0/10
Special (5%): 5/10
Final Rating: 4.15/5
Note, each rating is weighted based on personal importance.

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