If We Were Villains by M.L. Rio ★★★★★

Introduction 11/6/19 (Start 11/1/19)

I am really loving this book. I’m nearly 60% through the book, and I am frankly shocked at how faced paced its managed to keep itself because this book picks up quick. Granted, the narrative is a little esoteric with its love of Shakespeare. Although as someone who would in no way consider them-self an expert on the subject, I thought it was easy to understand and fun to consume.

The plot itself is an exciting page turner about a group of friends and the mistakes they made in college. Rio has crafted a well written story that keeps you wanting to read, but my love really comes from the characters. They each fit a specific archetype, but they still maintain the right level of realness. This book is evoking intense emotions in me on a level that I don’t normally get from books. There are moments that I hate characters with a passion, and I am here for it. I love the level of attachment I have to the story and our characters. It speaks to how well this story is written.

Finished 11/7/19

I want more. I need more. God damn you M.L. Rio! This book is everything I want from a thriller or drama. It surprised even where things seemed foreshadowed, and every time I think we are approaching the end of the story we learn there is more to the tale. Even now, with the story so skillfully completed, I am left wishing I had more, but not in a bad way. I love the feeling of connecting with a character. I want to feel their sorrow, their pain, their hate. I want to be them, and Rio does just that. That characterization is coupled with an exciting story that I have fallen head over hills in love with.

I read for books like these. There are those that entertain, and then there are those like these that leave a lasting impression. I will continue to wonder about what our characters thoughts and actions, those described and those left unsaid. That is what a good book does, and it easily earns this book a top place (if not the highest) in my favorite books of the year. 5/5 stars.

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